Claritose liquid

Active ingredients (per dose)

Allium cepa HPUS
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia HPUS
Arsenicum album HPUS
Arundo mauritanica HPUS
Arum triphyllum HPUS
Euphrasia officinalis HPUS
Naphthalinum HPUS
Natrum muriaticum HPUS
Sabadilla HPUS
Wyethia helenioides HPUS

Each active ingredient contains equal volumes of 10X, 30X, and LM1 potencies. The letters HPUS indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Product indications are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica.


Allium cepa HPUS.Watery eyes
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia HPUS Sneezing
Arsenicum album HPUS.Wheezing
Arundo mauritanica HPUSCough
Arum triphyllum HPUS...Hoarseness
Euphrasia officinalis HPUS..Eye pressure
Naphthalinum HPUS..Hay Fever
Natrum muriaticum HPUS.Difficult breathing
Sabadilla HPUSNasal discharge
Wyethia helenioides HPUSHeadache


for the temporary relief of symptoms commonly associated with allergies, such as:
watery eyes

Indications based on Homeopathic Materia Medic for self-limiting conditions.


Otc - ask doctor section

Ask a doctor before use if

  • you are taking any other medications
  • you have a medical condition

Otc - when using section

When using this product, use only as directed.

Otc - stop use section

Stop use and ask a doctor ifsymptoms persist or worsen.

Otc - pregnancy or breast feeding section

If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

Otc - keep out of reach of children section

Keep out of the reach of children.


Dispense Claritose directly into mouth, or add recommended dosage into 8-12 oz. of purified (non-chlorinated) water and drink. Safe for ages 2 and up.

Dosage by weight

30-50 lbs 1/2 mL
(13.6-22.6 kg) twice per day

50+ lbs 1 mL
(22.6+ kg) twice per day

Other information

do not use if tamper seal is broken
store in a cool, dry place
product must not come in contact with metal
do not store next to electrical devices or appliances

Inactive ingredients

citric acid, potassium sorbate, purified ionized mineral water.

Questions or comments?

You can email us at info@hellolife.netor call us toll-free at
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Description section

  • 30-day supply
  • dropper included
  • Claritose is made without alcohol or sugar. No gluten added.

Mftd for: HelloLife, Inc.
4460 44th St. SE, Ste. C-600
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
FDA Pharmaceutical Establishment
#1053442, #3009727070

Ingredients and appearance - Product information

Claritose liquid- Allium cepa, ambrosia artemisiaefolia, arsenicum album, arundo muritanica, arum triphylium, euphrasia officinalis, naphthalinum, natrum muriaticum, sabadilla, wyethia heleniodes

Product information

Product Type HUMAN OTC DRUG LABEL Item Code (Source) NDC: 49726-006
Route of Administration Oral

Active Ingredient/Active Moiety

Ingredient Name Strength
Onion ( UNII: 492225Q21H)( Onion - UNII: 492225Q21H ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Ambrosia artemisiifolia ( UNII: 9W34L2CQ9A)( Ambrosia artemisiifolia - UNII: 9W34L2CQ9A ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Arsenic trioxide ( UNII: S7V92P67HO)( Arsenic cation (3+) - UNII: C96613F5AV ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Arundo pliniana root ( UNII: ZXE7LB03WC)( Arundo pliniana root - UNII: ZXE7LB03WC ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Arisaema triphyllum root ( UNII: DM64K844DM)( Arisaema triphyllum root - UNII: DM64K844DM ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Euphrasia stricta ( UNII: C9642I91WL)( Euphrasia stricta - UNII: C9642I91WL ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Naphthalene ( UNII: 2166IN72UN)( Naphthalene - UNII: 2166IN72UN ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Sodium chloride ( UNII: 451W47IQ8X)( Chloride ion - UNII: Q32ZN48698 ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Schoenocaulon officinale seed ( UNII: 6NAF1689IO)( Schoenocaulon officinale seed - UNII: 6NAF1689IO ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL
Wyethia helenioides root ( UNII: J10PD1AQ0N)( Wyethia helenioides root - UNII: J10PD1AQ0N ) 10 [hp_X]in 59 mL

Inactive Ingredients

Ingredient Name Code
Potassium sorbate ( UNII: 1VPU26JZZ4)
Water ( UNII: 059QF0KO0R)
Citric acid monohydrate ( UNII: 2968PHW8QP)

Product Characteristics

Marketing Information

Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Territorial Authority Marketing Start Date
unapproved homeopathic USA

Labeler - Hello Life, Inc.( 065619378)


Name ID/FEI Business Operations
Hello Life, Inc. 065619378 relabel( 49726-006), repack( 49726-006)

Principal display panel

NDC 49726-006-02


Allergy Symptom Relief

For the temporary relief of symptoms commonly associated with allergies, such as:

  • watery eyes
  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • congestion

2 fl oz (59 mL)
Homeopathic (OTC) Medicine